Technology in the Shop – Part 2 – Streaming Video

Published on by Mike

2012-09-10 18.34.04So one of the most popular functions of the Internet is to stream video. With having a computer in the shop there are several ways we can take advantage of this function.  First, streaming how-to videos while learning techniques can be very beneficial.  It is one thing to watch a video sitting in a La-Z-Boy, where you can learn the basic concepts.  However, with having the ability to view a video in the shop, you can work along side the video.  The advantage of this is that it is much more likely small details of the technique are caught that may have otherwise been lost.

One of the online communities I am active in is the one at  There is a live video and chat room on this site.  The live video is primarily for the live events that is often put on by Marc.  However, something else he has setup is the ability for anyone to add their own streams.  All that is needed is a free account with

I typically stream when I am in the shop.  You can see it on the live page here.  I do try to send out a tweet when I am streaming.

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